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  • Sep 3 2010 9:19 PM

    David Melton

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This site from ThinkQuest basically provides you anything you might want to know about tessellations. The sites provides thorough descriptions of how to design and carry out various types of tessellations, as well as discussions of the mathematics underlying tessellations, including polygons, angles, transformations, symmetry, and patterns of tilings. There are many examples of tessellations in real life. The work of M. C. Escher and his well-known tessellations is addressed in some detail. Finally, the site extends beyond tessellations to look at more advanced topics, both in art (such as cubist techniques) and in mathematics (such as Penrose tilings). Hands-on activities and templates are provided so that you can explore tessellations on your own. A teacher will find a wealth of information that can be incorporated into lessons or activities related to tessellations, or to bring in some life into lessons on other topics. Students might also be directed to this site as a good source of information for individual investigations or projects. Less

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