Power Football


  • Aug 13 2010 9:58 PM

    Rita Nutsch

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In this on-line football activity from, correct answers advance the ball towards the goal posts and incorrect answers result in the loss of a down. Getting the ball to the goal posts within four downs results in a field goal. Students may find this a motivating format in which to practice operations on decimals. While the activity can be used for older students to work with some pretty messy decimals and to practice multiplication and division of decimals, students at this level should probably stick to addition and subtraction and the lower levels of difficulty. However, the 'medium' level of difficulty may be preferable to the 'easy' level, since numbers at the easy level are always given with the decimal points aligned. The 'Algebra style' option presents missing-addend style problems, a nice feature. While no substitute for developing the concepts of operations with decimals (hopefully highlighting place value), this activity may motivate students to practice their skills. Less

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