A Gigabyte of Music: How Much is That?


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    Great real-life example // Candice Ryu

    Thank you for sharing this example. This is a great and relevant example for my students. Now if only there were math lessons related to Call of Duty...

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    Relevance of content // Judy Cunningham

    This lesson is very relevant to students, and connects classroom learning to real world application.

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Students gain experience in converting equations to fractions and converting one unit of measure to another as they solve the problem "How many CD's does it take to download 5 gb of music?" The activity is provided by PBS.org and is tied into a news article from Jim Leher on illegal downloading of music by students. This activity can also be done on a TI calculator.

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    Grade: 6

    Topics: Mathematics, Number Sense, Parts of a Whole (Fractions, Decimals & Percent)