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  • Apr 27 2011 2:18 PM

    Michael Vlach

    I have wanted to try out a project like this with my students, but have not yet done so.  Maybe next year, I will be able to implement.  I like that students only have to check on their stocks periodically so that they can do this while engaged in other projects.

  • Aug 16 2010 6:32 PM

    Rita Nutsch

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In this activity, reviewed for grades 9-12 by Illuminations, students are told that they have just won $10,000. So their task is to decide what they are going to do with the money? Students pick three stocks to buy shares in and invest their money. Each group then develops a strategy for investing their money. They have to decide how many shares of each company they want to buy. Any money left over is to be placed in a savings account to collect 1/4% interest at the end. Each group' task is to research their stock options and pick the best combination possible to maximize profit.

This activity could make an interesting group project, as it incorporates multiple aspects of mathematics. For example, students are asked to make predictions of which company they think will do the best. Each group prepares a scatter plot to show their net gain using Microsoft Excel, and uses the spreadsheet to find the best-fit line for their data. Students also are given a number of different questions to answer about their graphs. Finally, the groups write a reflection about their investment experience. The activity is carried out over a four week time period. However, the project only requires attention once per week for students to "" on their stocks. Links to on-line resources are provided on the site. Less

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