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Hand Squeeze


  • Aug 13 2010 10:37 PM

    Rita Nutsch

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In this activity, reviewed for grades 3-5 by Illuminations, students measure the amount of time that it takes to pass a hand squeeze around a circle of fellow students. The students collect the first data from only two people passing a hand squeeze. They add two students at a time until the entire class is in the circle, recording the time at each stage. They then organize their data and create a graph of the data so that they can then better analyze it. They use this data to make predictions about how much time it would take to pass a hand squeeze through a bigger circle than the size of their class. This activity helps students get a better understanding of how to formulate questions and gather data to answer the questions. The multiple representations of the data, which could include the use of a spreadsheet, might be explored for further insights. Less

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    Grade: 3 to 5

    Topics: Measurement & Geometry, Mathematics, Measurement, Tools, and Data Analysis, Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability


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