Math Forum: Exploring Pascal's Triangle: 9-12 Algebra


  • Aug 5 2010 12:38 AM

    Elisa Ramirez // Elisa Ramirez

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Many people have noted interesting patterns that can be found in Pascal's triangle, and many of those patterns are pulled together in this activity. The activity from The Math Forum is set up as a very open-ended investigation, beginning with determining how successive rows of the triangle are generated and extending to other patterns. While there is relatively little guidance for the teacher, a hint section is given at the bottom of the page that would be helpful for teachers and maybe even students. The hint section includes links to pages giving information about patterns that can be found related to Fibonacci numbers, triangular numbers, tetrahedral numbers, hexagonal numbers, powers of 2, powers of 11, Sierpinski's triangle, binomial coefficients, and more. The information provided could lead to some very interesting investigations. Less

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