Advanced Algebra II


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The Advanced Algebra II digital text provided here is much closer to a set of detailed lesson plans than to a traditional textbook. As you read through it, your first reaction may be “Who does he think he is, telling me exactly what to say and when to say it?”

Please don’t take it that way. Take it this way instead.

Over a period of time, I have developed a set of in-class assignments, homework, and lesson plans, that work for me and for other people who have tried them. If I give you the in-class assignments and the homework, but not the lesson plans, you only have two-thirds of the story; and it may not make sense without the other third. So instead, I am giving you everything: the in-class assignments and the homework (gathered together in the student book), the detailed explanations of all the concepts (the other student book), and the lesson plans (this document). Once you read them over, you will know exactly what I have done. Less

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