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  • May 24 2011 1:43 PM

    Take a look! // Matthew Skoll

    Interesting interactive site, short but can teach kids something quick.

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This site has a number of interesting critical thinking games from Simulated Brain Surgery, to Designing a Cel Phone, to Weather Prediction Labs...all designed for use in the classroom with Teacher Implementation

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    Topics and Grades

    Grade: 4 to 10

    Topics: Marketing, Sales & Service, Earth & Space Science, Technology, Life Sciences, Information Technology, Nature & Method of Science

    Resource Pedagogy

    Resource Type/Classification:

    • Assessments
    • Reference Materials
    • Teacher Materials
    • Interactives


    Instructional Strategy

    Grouping: Large Group Instruction; Computer Assisted Instruction; Self-paced Learning Modules

    Teaching Method: Problem-Solving; Simulation; Educational Game

    Assessment Type: Informal; Summative