Comparing Mixtures: Mixing Orange Juice


  • Aug 16 2010 10:11 PM

    Rita Nutsch

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Comparing Mixtures: Mixing Orange Juice - From PBS Teachers Online. Students use a java applet to “mix orange juice” concentrates with cans of water as they solve problems on ratio and proportion and explore “orangeyness” of their mixtures. Addresses the misconception that proportionality is based on additive relationships.

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    Topics and Grades

    Grade: 7

    Topics: Measurement & Geometry, Rates and Proportions, Mathematics


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    • Interactives
    • Source Materials

    Tool for: Teachers, Students

    Beneficiary: Teachers, Students


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    Grouping: Large Group Instruction; Computer Assisted Instruction

    Teaching Method: Problem-Solving; Demonstration

    Assessment Type: Informal; Formative