Reading and Writing About Pollution to Understand Cause and Effect


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    third grade matched only // Teresa Tindill

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    Cause and effect // Harendra Goonetilleke

    In my 4th grade class, I used this lesson to teach writing standard 1.3. I think the lesson was really well organized and set up to facilitate the students thinking about cause and effect. The series of lessons took time to set up and plan but was worth the time to get the results which were having the students engaged thinking about the cause and effect relationship in the story and pollution in general. This could be a great connection to some science curriculum as well.

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In this ReadWriteThink lesson, students access prior knowledge about water pollution before exploring the topic further using read-alouds. They then complete a sequencing graphic organizer using a story of a fish and its journey from the mountains to a polluted waterway. Finally, students' understanding of cause and effect is reinforced using a hands-on experiment, art project and graphic organizer.

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