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Earth's Climate Changes: Virtual Bookshelf


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This list of carefully selected books for grades K-5 highlights nonfiction about climate proxies, those preserved physical characteristics, such as fossils, that scientists use to reconstruct past climates. Also highlighted are a few books that provide information about two past climatic events -- the last ice age and the Dust Bowl. In each issue of the free, online magazine Beyond Weather and the Water Cycle, the virtual bookshelf recommends books that accurately portray the theme drawn from the principles of climate sciences. Less

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    Grade: TK/K to 6

    Topics: Experimentation and the Scientific Method, Life Sciences, Education, Child Development & Family Services, Structure and Function in Living Things, Inquiry & Problem Based Learning, Professional Development, Current Science, Ecology & Ecosystems, Earth & Space Science, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Weather, Climate & Atmosphere, Earth's Resources, Agriculture & Natural Resources, Personal and Community Health

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