Starfall ABC Alphabet and Phonemic Awareness


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Starfall's ABC section teaches letter-sound relationships by providing a kid-friendly navigation system that explicitly focuses on each letter of the alphabet. This explicit instruction is most effective in kindergarten and for ESL and special education students when it is combined with exercises in phonemic awareness. When learning to read, students who understand the basic sounds of the language can apply letter-sound relations with greater ease.

It is also essential to practice writing in kindergarten because it helps to reinforce phonics and develop reading skills. Starfall's free ABC printouts provide practice in writing and have suggestions for phonemic awareness activities to assist parents and teachers.

After students learn the predictable relationship between the sounds (phonemes) and letter combinations (graphemes), they should be introduced to regular three letter consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words. The letter-U pages in this ABC section contain some CVC examples. This is further expanded in Starfall's Learn to Read section with systematic and explicit phonics instruction.

The Starfall ABC section was produced by Art & Gina Morgan with the guidance of Dr. Steven Schutz. It is with great joy we offer this learning tool to the world, and hope that everyone using it has as much fun as we did creating it! Less

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