Healthy Foods from Healthy Soils


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This instructional resource focuses on the food cycle . Lessons are organized into four themes: origins of food, choosing food, putting “garbage” to work, and simple gardening. Activities keep students engaged as they make models, taste new foods, keep journals, and chart the results of their investigations. School gardens (such as an Appetizer Garden or the legendary Three Sisters) or a series of worm-composting activities for the classroom help students discover the role nutrients play in healthy plant production.

What’s inside: Science skills are identified in each lesson, and health skills such as accessing information, practicing health-enhancing behaviors, goal setting, and analyzing influences on food choices are addressed. Student worksheets, parent letters, literature links, and additional resources accompany each lesson in the set.

Activity highlight: “It All Adds Up” is a lesson in which students chart their lunchroom’s food waste, how much there is, and where it ends up. Students present their findings to decision makers and make suggestions on how to reduce
Nutrition competencies: Not reviewed

Language: English
Number of lesson plans: 45
Amount of time per lesson: 45–60 minutes
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