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This sequential curriculum is offered in a series of state-adopted textbooks, aligned with national health standards . Each textbook is divided into five units that teach students about aspects of living a healthy life; one unit focuses on growth and nutrition. The curriculum includes a variety of summative, formative, and cumulative assessment strategies to help monitor student progress. Review at the end of each chapter includes objectives, life skills, critical thinking, and reading and vocabulary and encourages goal setting, decision-making skills, and health contracts. There are 10 “mini-lessons” per unit.. Free online supplemental materials—including fun, interactive games—are available.

What’s inside: Lesson overview with resources, activities, vocabulary, and national standards. A chapter planner is included for pacing. Major emphasis is on general health and nutrition. Topics include the body, hygiene and fitness, and
amount of food consumed. Discussion format accompanies activities.

Activity highlight: Lesson 4, “Rules for Healthful Living,” includes a pre-discussion on general rules, followed by comparison to “Rules for Healthful Living” and health standards

Nutrition competencies by grade:
Kindergarten: 1a–c, e–g; 2–8
Grade 1: 1a–c, e–g; 2–8
Grade 2: 1a–g; 2–5, 7
Grade 3: 1a–g; 2–8
Grade 4: 1a–c, e–g; 2–5, 7, 8
Grade 5: Not reviewed
Grade 7: 1a–h; 2–7
Grade 8: 1a–h; 2–8

Language: English and Spanish
Number of lesson plans: 40-50 lessons per textbook, depending on grade level
Estimated total time for lessons: 15–45 hours, depending on grade level
Amount of time per lesson: 2–4.5 hours, depending on grade level

Format: Hard copy; supplemental online resources
Cost: Available for purchase; supplemental online resources free

Cafeteria connection: No
After school: Yes

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    Grade: TK/K to 8

    Topics: Health & Physical Education, Health Education, Nutrition

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