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Harvest of the Month is an online resource with access to tools and materials that can be used widely in school environments. The materials are based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans and promote consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as physical activity. Lesson plans are organized by the produce of the month. Three yearly cycles have been developed. Activities in each lesson plan can be organized
according to teacher preference and include taste-testing, cooking, student sleuth activities, physical activities, literature links and cafeteria connections, gardening, field-trip ideas, and advocacy opportunities. Materials are designed for low-income schools and communities and may be used in a variety of settings: the classroom, cafeteria, home, and community.

What’s inside: The Web site provides free access to educator newsletters, family newsletters, Menu Slicks, press-release templates, activities, and additional resources. Information on how to connect with the community and grocery stores is also included.

Activity highlight: The apple activity featured for autumn includes the tasting of several varieties of apples; graphing for class evaluation of appearance, texture, smell, flavor, and sound; an apple yogurt trifle recipe; student sleuth activity; apple history and growth information; garden activity; and physical activity called “Grab the Apple!” During the cafeteria connection, students identify types of apples used in the cafeteria and write letters to staff about the benefits of other apple varieties..

Nutrition competencies:
Kindergarten: (1a–b), 1c, 1e-h, (2) 3-5, (7), 8
Grades 1–2: 1a, (1b–c) (1f), (2), 3-4, (6-7), 8
Grades 3–4: 1a–c, 1f–h; (2), 3-4, (6), 8
Grades 5–6: (1b), c, (1f), (1h); 2–4, 6, (7), 8
Grades 7–8: (1a), (1c), (1e-f), 1g, (1h), (2), 7-8
Grades 9–12: (1a), (1c),(1 f–h); (3-4), (6),7–8
(x)=partial addressing of the competency

Language: Instructional guide in English, with additional Spanish handouts
Number of lesson plans: 36
Amount of time per lesson: N/A
Estimated total time for lessons: Flexible

Format: Downloadable PDFs
Format: Free

Cafeteria connection: Yes
After school: Yes

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    Grade: TK/K to 12

    Topics: Nutrition, Health & Physical Education, Health Education, Physical Activity

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