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The resource is divided into thirteen units with 6-10 lessons each focused on science, math, and language arts activities for students in the garden. Activities are aligned with California Science Content Standards. Topics include soil, plants, cycles, ecology, weather, nutrition, and food systems. Also includes team-building and sensory exploration activities, organic gardening skills, and information on how to create and sustain a successful school garden program. Lessons include a description, objective, materials and preparation, class discussion guide, action steps, and wrap-up.

The teacher’s handbook covers nutrition, food systems, and a variety of other garden topics. Topics include working together in the garden, growing nutrients, garden ecology, climate, nutrition, gardening tips, and food choices.

What’s inside: Teacher’s resources with guides on how to use the handbook, appendix with reproducible student worksheets including surveys and hands-on activities; gardening how to section, building plans, and scope and sequence; also English/Spanish vocabulary list.

Activity highlight: For Grades 3-6, the Six of One, Half dozen of the Other lesson plan helps students use the senses to identify and classify objects in the garden. Students search for objects and opposites in the garden and classify the objects by using their senses, such as wet and dry. Small groups work together to collect 12 items that can be paired into opposites. Groups exchange their collections and try to determine the opposite categories used by other groups.

Nutrition competencies:
Kindergarten: not evaluated
Grade 2: 1a–c, f; 2–5, 7–8
Grades 3–4: 1a–c, f, h; 2–3, 7–8
Grades 5–6: 1a–c, f, h; 2–3, 7–8

Language: Instructional guide in English, with additional Spanish handouts

Number of lesson plans: 145
Amount of time per lesson: N/A

Estimated total time for lessons: N/A

Format: Hard copy
Cost: Available for purchase, two sample lesson downloadable for free

Cafeteria connection: No
After school: Yes

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    Grade: TK/K to 6

    Topics: Nutrition, Health Education, Health & Physical Education

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