Healthy Weight for Teens


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This presentation kit and obesity-prevention tool targets teenagers. The PowerPoint presentation promotes healthy eating and physical activity. In addition, it explains the risk of health problems caused by obesity and helps teens set goals to develop their own health plan.

What’s inside: Leaders guide, 50 copies of Healthy Eating—Looking Great, Feeling Great,and materials for alerting audiences to the date and location of the presentation. Also contains a CD with adaptable PowerPoint, discussion questions, and optional activities for personal assessment.

Activity highlight: Part One (“Are You at Risk?”) contains an activity to determine body mass index and to assess personal weight status. Discussion questions include thinking about common reactions to overweight people.

Nutrition competencies:
grades 9-12: (1b),1c, (1f); (2-3), 4, (5), 6, (7)
Language: English
Number of lesson plans: 1–3
Amount of time per lesson: 45–60 minutes
Estimated total time for lessons: 2-3 hour

Format: Hard copy and CD
Cost: Available for purchase

Cafeteria connection: No
After school: Not reviewed

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    Grade: 9 to 12

    Topics: Health & Physical Education

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