How to Teach Nutrition to Kids - Instructional Set


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This instructional resource set includes a teacher’s guide and two activity books that are packed with over 200 nutrition education activities and strategies to integrate nutrition into classroom, cafeteria, and home environments. Activities support multiple subject areas, including math, language arts, science, social studies, art, and physical education. Students learn to assess their food intake by using MyPyramid, identify appropriate serving sizes, set realistic goals, read labels, plan and grow a garden, and prepare simple snacks.

What’s inside: Ideas for creating nutrition learning centers, recipes, and student activity sheets.

Activity highlight: “What Would You Do?” is a lesson in which students work in small groups and act out solutions to various situations involving food choices. The realistic scenarios allow children to think critically and solve problems—from making healthy snack choices to helping a friend who makes poor food choices and often gets sick.

Nutrition competencies: Not reviewed

Language: English
Number of lesson plans: 200+
Amount of time per lesson: Varies
Estimated total time for lessons:n/a

Format: Hard copy
Cost: Available from CASRC on free loan

Cafeteria connection: Yes
After school: Yes

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