Kids Can Make a Difference: Finding Solutions to Hunger


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This instructional resource helps students to understand the real causes of hunger and how to act to change them. Activities within each of the three units teach about the pain of hunger, the importance of food, inequitable distribution of food, the lack of relationship between hunger and population density, and relationships between poverty, hunger, joblessness, and homelessness in the United States and elsewhere in the world. Students read, write, calculate, analyze, role-play, and figure out for themselves what needs to be done. The program can be streamlined into six lessons.

What’s inside: Overview of lesson, list of materials, directions, additional activities, resource guide for fund-raising ideas, list of related organizations ,and resources for teachers. Links are available to a Web site.

Activity highlight: In one lesson, students assume the roles of villagers, world-bank ministers, government officials, environmentalists, loggers, and “trees and creatures of the forest” and debate whether a proposed development project would really benefit the people and their land.

Nutrition competencies by grade:
Grade 6: Not reviewed
Grades 7–8: 1a, (1b-c), 1d,1f, 1h; 2–4, (5) (8)
Grades 9–12: (1a–c) 1d, (1f-g), 1h, (2-5), 7-8

Language: English
Number of lesson plans: 25
Amount of time per lesson: N/A
Estimated total time for lessons: N/A

Format: Hard copy
Cost: Available for purchase

Cafeteria connection: No
After school: Yes

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