Linking Science and Nutrition


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This sequential and comprehensive curriculum is comprised of a set of 12 lessons is designed to address both the California science content standards and the California health education content standards for nutrition and physical activity. Most grades have two or three lessons. Each lesson fosters student acquisition of science and health concepts and skills. Students question, collect, and examine data; derive conclusions; and reflect on and evaluate results, using familiar food supplies and nutrition information. They are also asked to apply science-based information to real-life choices. Lesson extension and assessment activities encourage students to positively influence the school nutrition environment. The curriculum does not include physical activity. In places where the curriculum only partially meets the nutrition competencies, adding a physical activity component would strengthen the lesson.

What’s inside: At-a-glance matrix showing links to content standards; instructor tips for success; nutrition facts; glossary; and resources. Lessons contain background, Web sites, and activity overview. The curriculum identifies content standards, steps for preparation, materials, and ideas for extension. Student worksheets and student assessment sheets are included.

Activity highlight: In Lesson 8, “Fiber Race Tract,” student teams compare the rates at which high-fiber versus low-fiber foods move through a simulated digestive system. Students plan a menu to include more fiber.

Nutrition competencies by grade:
Kindergarten: 1b, (1f); (2), 7
Grade 2: 1f; 2, 3, 5
Grade 4: 1a, (1e), 1g, 3, 5, 6
Grade 5: (1b), e–f; 3, 5, 7
Grade 7: 1a, c, f, g; (2-3), (5), 7
Grade 8: 1a, c, e–g; (3), 7
X=Partial addressing of competency

Language: English
Number of lesson plans: 12
Amount of time per lesson: 60–65 minutes
Estimated total time for lessons: 12–13 hours

Format: Hard copy; downloadable PDF teacher resource guide
Cost: Available for purchase

Cafeteria connection: Yes (extension activities)
After school: Not evaluated

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    Grade: TK/K to 2, 4 to 5, 7 to 8

    Topics: Health Education, Health & Physical Education, Nutrition

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