Media–Smart Youth: Eat, Think, and Be Active!


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Designed for use in after-school environments, this flexible resource uses examples of nutrition and physical activity to help youths learn about the connection between health and the media. Students gain skills to analyze, evaluate, and create media messages. Participants become critical and creative thinkers and learn how to make smart, positive choices about nutrition and physical activity every day. Topics include thinking about media, asking questions, defining what it means to be active, “nutrition know-how,” the power of advertising, and “super snacks.”

What’s inside: A teacher resource guide, pre and post-curriculum activities, media-questions poster, and a video/DVD. Lessons are formatted with total time, overview, objectives, materials needed, and preparation tips.

Activity highlight: In lesson 6, “Visiting a Grocery Store,” students visit a virtual grocery store. Activities include studying a food label, taking snack breaks, writing a song, conducting an Internet scavenger hunt, and engaging in playground games. Take-home ideas and recipes are included.

Nutrition competencies by grade:
Grade 6: 1b, f; 2, 3, 6–8
Grades 7–8: 1a, b, e, f; 2, 3, 6–8

Language: English
Number of lesson plans: 10
Amount of time per lesson: 90 minutes (can be shortened)
Estimated total time for lessons: 15 hours

Format: Hard copy, downloadable PDF teacher resource guide
Cost: Free

Cafeteria connection: No
After school: Yes

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    Grade: 6 to 8

    Topics: Nutrition, Health Education, Health & Physical Education

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