Food Safety from Farm to Fork


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This instruction resource provides a unit that gives students with a better understanding of food safety through real-life examples and enjoyable activities. Students learn that everyone has a responsibility in minimizing foodborne illness: farmers, transporters, restaurants, grocery stores, and consumers. Through books, games, puzzles, math problems, and science investigations, participants identify the roles each person plays in ensuring that food is safe to eat. Hands-on activities and real-life examples are included for students.

What’s inside: Background information about food safety, lesson plans with time frames, related materials, Web links to core subject standards, directions for activities, reproducible handouts and game pieces, and a resource list.

Activity highlight: In “Mighty Microbes,” students are introduced to epidemiology; they use epidemiological techniques to assess an outbreak and determine the cause of an illness that makes picnickers sick. Students use data tables, classify data, and read information to solve the mystery. They write a short article on their findings for a
fictitious local newspaper and complete a quiz.

Nutrition competencies by grade:
Grades 5–6: 1g,(7)
Grade 7: 1g, (7)
(x)=partial addressing of the competency

Language: English
Number of lesson plans: 5
Amount of time per lesson: 50 minutes
Estimated total time for lessons: 6.6 hours

Format: Downloadable PDF; available in hard copy with CD upon request
Cost: Free

Cafeteria connection: No
After school: Yes

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    Grade: 5 to 7

    Topics: Health & Physical Education, Nutrition, Health Education


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