Farm to Table and Beyond


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This sequential curriculum uses science to explore nutrition and the food environment. Students are led through an investigation of the food system and its relation to the environment.. Students examine their personal food choices and use knowledge gained through the lessons to enhance their ability to make healthy decisions about personal wellness. Students use investigation, Internet research, and experimentation to explore how food is processed, manufactured, packaged, and transported.

What’s inside: A teacher resource guide, background information, teaching tips, teacher preparation, materials list, objectives, tools for assessment, conversation guides, student activity sheets and readings, a matrix that maps the curriculum to the National Science Education Standards and Benchmarks for Science Literacy.

Activity highlight: “Field to Store” (lesson 5) is a lesson in which students review previous homework and share ideas about home-to-school transportation systems. Students then brainstorm about the parts of a system that get food from farm to table. They use an “Apples to Applesauce” concept map, make connections, and examine
what would happen if half the apple harvesters stopped working for one day. They complete the lesson by describing the farm-to-table system in their own words and by reading a brief text that explores the food system.

Nutrition competencies:
Grades 5-6: 1g–h; 2, 7, 8

Language: English
Number of lesson plans: 30
Amount of time per lesson: N/A
Estimated total time for lessons: N/A

Format: Hard copy
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After school: Yes

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    Grade: 5 to 6

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