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In this curriculum, middle-school students assess their nutrition and physical activity. The curriculum is guided by the principles of the Health Framework for California
Public Schools (California Department of Education 2003) and the Physical Education Model Content Standards for California Public Schools (California Department of Education 2005). Ideas for extension activities, questions, and projects for students are included. The DVD provides common scenarios faced by students, such as making choices from food-court menus in shopping malls and choosing realistic portion sizes. Other lesson topics include eating disorders, sports nutrition, bone health, and body image.

What’s inside: A teacher guide, student activity booklet, and a CD/DVD with eight video segments that introduce the key issues in each lesson.

Activity highlight: Students research nutrients, portion size, and benefits of food groups by using the student activity booklet and CD/DVD.

Nutrition competencies by grade level:
Grade 6: 1a–c, 1f; 2, (3), 4-6, (7), 8
Grades 7–8: 1a–c, 1e–g; 2, (3), 4-6 (7),8

Language: English

Number of lesson plans: 8

Amount of time per lesson: 45–60 minutes

Estimated total time for lessons: 7.8 hours

Format: Hard copy and supplemental DVD

Cost: Free for California teachers; available for
purchase from out of state

Cafeteria connection: No
After school: Yes

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    Grade: 6 to 8

    Topics: Health & Physical Education, Physical Activity, Health Education, Nutrition

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