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Eating Healthy From Farm to Fork


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This nutrition education curriculum connects local food systems, garden-based learning, and school food service to healthy habits. Lessons in kindergarten, first grade, and second grade engage children in developing a positive attitude toward healthy food and fitness choices. Separate lessons are included for kindergarten and grades one and two. The materials support the development of a positive school-wellness environment that recognizes the relationship between health and nutrition and academic achievement and school success. Lessons focus on expanding the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and grains and on diet variety.

What’s inside: A teacher resource guide contains lesson introduction, objectives, nutrition competencies, and background information. Each lesson includes two hands-on activities that build on one another and include extensions for making connections between farms, school, gardens, and nutrition. Other components include a quiz for review, a recipe activity, and parent letter. Instructional materials include lesson display
boards, sample name tags, flyers, PowerPoint presentations, curriculum training evaluation form, and certificate for participation in curriculum training.

Activity highlight: For second grade, Lesson 2 (“Grains Get You Going,” Activity 1, “Make Time to Refuel”) gives background on the importance of breakfast and how soil helps food grow. Children name foods in the grain group using the poster and name “better at the bottom” foods they would eat at each meal. Using a car analogy, children perform traffic actions based on foods (for example, go on green and stop on red). They discuss mealtimes and review what they have learned.

Nutrition competencies by grade level:
Kindergarten: 1a–h; 2, 4, 5, 7, 8
Grade 1: 1a–d, f–h; 4, 7, 8
Grade 2: 1a–h; 2–8

Language: English

Number of lesson plans: 28 total: 8 for kindergarten,10 for first grade, and 10 for second grade
Amount of time per lesson: 30–45 minutes if not using extensions
Estimated total time for lessons: 6.3 hours for kindergarten, 5 hours each for grades 1 and 2

Format: Downloadable PDF
Cost: Free

Cafeteria connection: Yes
After school: Yes

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    Grade: TK/K, 2

    Topics: Nutrition, Health Education, Health & Physical Education

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