Eat Well & Keep Moving


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This curriculum contains 46 nutrition and physical activity lessons that teach students how to eat a balanced diet, plan meals, select healthy snacks, eat more fruits and vegetables, and increase fitness. The program helps academic, physical education, and health education teachers guide upper elementary school students in learning about nutrition and physical activity while building skills in language arts, math, science, and social studies. Students develop an understanding of how health behaviors are related and learn techniques to choose healthy foods, increase physical activity, and limit TV and other screen time. The supplemental Web site offers detailed information on usage, as well as resources for teachers, food service managers, staff members, and parents and guardians. It also includes additional resources.

What’s inside: A teacher resource guide; more than 300 ready-to-use worksheets; schoolwide campaign ideas; a self-assessment tool to help students track their activity levels; and access to the companion Web site. The CD-ROM can be used to customize instruction.

Activity highlight: In “Healthy Living,” students learn about the food groups and why it is important to eat a balanced diet. Students construct “Building Blocks of Life” with dice and discuss how messages on healthy living can be applied to
their lives.

Nutrition competencies by grade:
Grades 3–4: 1a–c, f; 3–7
Grades 5–6: 1a–c, f; 3–7

Language: English
Number of lesson plans: 46
Amount of time per lesson: 50–105 minutes
Estimated total time for lessons: 15 hours

Format: Hard copy and CD, with access to online resources
Cost: Available for purchase

Cafeteria connection: Yes
After school: Not reviewed

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    Grade: 4 to 5

    Topics: Health Education, Health & Physical Education, Physical Activity, Nutrition

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