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This Team Nutrition Web site serves as an entry point to a variety of messages and materials based on MyPyramid and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Topics include breakfast, snacks, healthy eating, and healthy beverage choices. There is one lesson for each age group with accompanying parent lessons. Target ages are approximate; lessons for the three- to four-year old students can be used with kindergarten. Lessons for the eight- to ten-year-old can be used with grades one to two.

What’s inside: Campaign materials, lesson plans, songs, public service announcements, scripts, parent lessons, and additional materials.

Activity highlight: The “Choose Drinks That Count” lesson focuses on comparing the nutrient content of beverages. Teachers prepare samples of orange juice and soda for discussion. The lesson includes extension activities. Posters, labels, stickers, and handouts are available on the Web site.

Target audience: Kindergarten, grades 1–4, can be used with most age groups)
Language: Teacher resource guide in English, with additional Spanish handouts
Nutrition competencies by the grade:
Kindergarten (ages 3–4 /5–7): 1a, e, f; 4, ( 5)
Grades 1–2 (ages 5–7/8–10): 1c, (1f); (6–7)
Grades 3–4 (ages 8–10): 1a, b

Number of lesson plans: 4 for children; 4 for adults
Amount of time per lesson: 20–40 minutes
Estimated total time for lessons: 1–2 hours

Format: Downloadable PDF
Cost: Free

Connection to cafeteria: N/A
After school: Yes

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    Grade: TK/K to 4, Adult Learning

    Topics: Health & Physical Education, Physical Activity, Health Education, Nutrition

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