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This toolkit promotes increased physical activity and reduced screen time. It is intended primarily for use in after school programs and by organizations serving children ages ten through fourteen. Children track the time hey spend in front of televisions and computers, participate in a challenge that limits screen time, set goals to participate in no more than two hours of screen-based activities per day, and goals to increase amount of time spend on activities away from a screen. They celebrate their hard work with a party that includes healthy food and music.

What’s inside: Teacher resource guide, brief background for each lesson, reproducible handouts, and additional optional activities.

Activity highlight: Students track their screen based activities and identify ways to spend their time away from a computer or television and be physical active.

Nutrition Competencies by the grade:
Grade 6: (1f), (4), (6- 7)
Grade 7-8: (1d), (2), (5-7)

Language: English and Spanish
Number of lesson plans: 4
Amount of time per lesson: 30-45 minutes
Estimated total time for lessons: 2.75 hours

Format: Downloadable PDF
Cost: free
Cafeteria connection: No
After School: Yes

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    Grade: 6 to 8

    Topics: Physical Activity, Health & Physical Education, Nutrition, Health Education

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