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Deal Me In!... Food and Fitness


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This instructional resource is designed primarily for use in after school programs. It includes lessons for both kindergarten to grade two and for grades three to six. The program provides children with fun, interactive ways to learn about the importance of nutrition and physical activity. Children discover how to identify healthy foods, choose activities that positively impact health, choose healthy portion sizes, and recognize healthy food options outside the home.

Nutrition Competencies by the grade:
Kindergarten: (1b),c,f, (4) 5-6, (8)
Grades 1-2: (1b) 1c, 1e-f, (1g), 3, (4), 5, (7-8)
Grades 3-4: 1a, (1b-c),(1f-g), (7)
Grades 5-6: (1a-c),(1f-g), (3),(5),(7)

Language: English instructional guide, with additional Spanish Handouts
Format: Hard copy
Cost: Free
Cafeteria connection: No
After School: Yes

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    Grade: TK/K to 6

    Topics: Health Education, Nutrition, Health & Physical Education

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    • Student Materials
    • Reproducibles
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    • Teacher Materials

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