Power of Choice


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This curriculum helps adolescents understand how food and activity choices impact health. Discussion topics address teen concerns about health and body image. The curriculum was developed for use in after-school programs and includes a variety of quick, simple, and fun activities for students. Most of the activities require little planning.

What’s inside: Teacher resource guide, including information on how to reach young adults; background information for each lesson; and activities. The curriculum includes a recipe booklet that can be duplicated and given to students
as a learning extension. Each lesson also includes snack recipes based on the USDA’s Afterschool Snacks meal pattern.

Activity highlight: In Activity 10, students learn the term food neophobia and discover ways to overcome the fear of trying new foods, participate in a blindfold food tasting, and organize into small groups to learn about the nutrition facts for
each new food they try.

Nutrition Competencies:
Grades 6: 1b-c, 1f-g, 2-8
Grades 7-8: 1a, 1c, 1f-g, 2, 4-7

Language: English
Number of lesson plans: 10
Amount of time per lesson: 1 hour
Estimated total time for lessons: 10 hours

Format: Downloadable PDF; printed materials and CD
Cost: PDF free; printed materials available upon request to middle and high schools

Cafeteria connection: No
After school: Yes

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    Grade: 6 to 12

    Topics: Health Education, Health & Physical Education, Nutrition

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