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This educational program promotes literacy and healthy eating by using a series of hands-on activities to complement nutrition-themed children’s books (The Beastly Feast, Growing Vegetable Soup, and Feast for 10). The program involves the use of take-home book bags and is designed primarily for parents, but it can be adapted for classroom applications. What’s inside: Program overview, ideas for implementation, book-bag printing specification sheet, sample script to introduce the project to families, book-bag checkout sheet, tips for reading with children, linking literacy and nutrition for families with limited incomes, and materials for three nutrition book bags in English and two in Spanish. Each book bag contains ideas for several activities that families can choose. Books must be purchased separately from publishers or local bookstores.

Activity highlight: The Growing Vegetable Soup parent activities include an introduction letter and evaluation form, discussion guide, vegetablesoup recipe, dramatic-play activity, gardening activity, finger-play activity, “reading books bingo,” and a bookmark.

Nutrition Competencies:
Kindergarten: 1e, 1g-h, 3, 5-8

Language: Teacher resource guide in English, with additional Spanish handouts
Number of lesson plans: 3
Amount of time per lesson: N/A
Estimated total time for lessons: N/A
Format: hard copy
Cost: Available for purchase
Cafeteria connection: No
After school: Not reviewed Less

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