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This nutrition education program focuses on literacy. Children’s storybooks, food- and physical activity-related themes, and hands-on activities provide the backdrop for learning about MyPyramid. Connections to English, history, math, and science are included.

K: 1a-d, (1e), 1f-g, 2, 5-8
Grades 1-2: 1b-d, (1e), 1f-g, 2 (3), 5-7
Grades 3:1a-c, f-g,4,6,8

Language: Instructional guide in English, with Spanish handouts
Number of lesson plans: 11
Amount of time per lesson: N/A
Estimated total time for lessons: NA

Format: Hard copy
Cost: Available for purchase

Cafeteria connection: Yes
After school: Yes

What’s inside: Teacher resource guide, lesson objectives, background for the instructor, and guidelines for discussion. Lessons include book reading, quizzes, supplemental activities, recipes for snacks, and review. Sample letters to parents
are provided. Different books are recommended for kindergarten/first grade and for grades two and three.

Activity highlight: The “Marvelous Milk” lesson includes a reading activity, an activity with pictures of foods in the milk group, an activity about the importance of milk in the diet, a yogurt parfait recipe, and a lesson review with quiz.

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    Topics and Grades

    Grade: TK/K to 3

    Topics: Health Education, Health & Physical Education, Nutrition

    Resource Pedagogy

    Resource Type/Classification:

    • Reference Materials
    • Student Materials
    • Interactives
    • Assessments
    • Teacher Materials
    • Source Materials

    Tool for: Teachers

    Beneficiary: Students