Teen Health 1, 2, and 3


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This curricula is provided through a health-based, state adopted textbook that is divided into three course levels: grades six (level 1), seven (level 2), and eight grade (level3). It combines course curriculum with mulitmedia tools to teach middle-school students how to achieve and maintain good health. Lessons address a variety of nutrition and physical activity topics: reading food labels, body image, nutrients for health, and how to follow a balanced diet. There are teacher wraparounds and assessment options. lessons are interactive. The book focuses on national health standards; academic integration is addressed in teacher sections. Each section has four to five units.

Nutrition Competencies by Grade:
Garde 6 (course 1): 1a-h, 2-5, 7
Grade seven (course 2): 1a-g, (1h), 2-8
Grade 8 (Course 3): 1a-d, 1f, 2-8
(x)= partial addressing of the competency

What's inside: A teacher resource guide, student textbook, fitness and nutrition information, and a handbook on reading skills. Online resources include audio chapter summaries, online quizzes, and Web activities for students. Contains additional online material for teachers, including links to grant opportunities, lesson plans, and articles on professional development.

Activity highlight: Teen health Course 1 ("Hands-on Health"), Lesson Four ("Managing Your Weight"), uses the vocabulary of health care professionals. Teh lesson helps to explain healthy weight, identify problem behaviors, and demonstrate decision making to help a friend. It covers safe ways to lose weight, critical thinking about body image, and respect for others' bodies and feelings. Students work in pairs to help a friend who has an eating disorder. Practice is provided with real-life situations for decision-making steps. In one activity, students calculate teaspoons of sugar based on grams in products and then pour the amounts into baby-food jars.

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    Grade: 6 to 8

    Topics: Nutrition, Health & Physical Education, Health Education

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