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Cooking with Kids


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This instructional material provides children with an opportunity to explore a variety of healthy foods, including food from diverse cultures, through tasting and cooking activities. Healthy eating habits are introduced through hands-on activities. Lessons include Cafeteria Meals, Super Chefs, and Farmers in the School. The resource can be used on its own or may be integrated into other elementary school curriculum.

What's inside A teacher resource guide, introduction for hands-on food preparation, recipes for classroom use, food history and nutrition information, student activities, and take-home recipes.

Activity highlight: In the “Salad Tasting Lesson,” students taste salad ingredients and record their comments on a tasting chart. The lesson also includes reading of a farmer letter, worksheets with salad-related vocabulary words, drawing activities, a salad dressing recipe, and an enrichment activity of growing sunflower sprouts.

Nutrition Competencies by grade:
Kindergarten: 1b, 1e, g-h, 5,7-8
Grade 2: (1a),1b, 1e, 1g-h, (2), 5, 7
Grade 3: 1a (1b), (1f-h)
Grade 5: 1c, (1h)
(s)=partial addressing of the competency

Language: English with some additional Spanish handouts
Number of lesson plans: 10
Amount of time per lesson: 1-2 hours
Estimated total time for lessons: 15 hours

Format: Hard copy; some lessons available as downloadable PDF's
Cost: Available for purchase; some lessons available as free downloadable PDF's

Cafeteria connection: Yes
After School: Yes


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    Grade: TK/K, 2 to 3, 5

    Topics: Health & Physical Education, Health Education, Nutrition

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    Tool for: Teachers

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