Architectural Styles - The Grand Finale (4 of 4)


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In this lesson students will design and build a Gingerbread
House depicting the common characteristics they discovered for the
Time Period they studied and presented for the "Styles of
Architecture Found in the United States Today" project earlier this
year.  They will be working in the same teams they worked in
for the project.

This is a fun activity and a great final exam to end the
semester.  Students love it.  It allows them to use their
creativity and it's not stressful like your typical final. 
Also the end result goes to a good cause (if this is what you
choose to do.)

The idea for this final came from the students themselves a few
years ago.  The gingerbread houses that they design and built
are donated to a local daycare after the final is over.  The
daycare we donate our gingerbread houses too happens to be run by
the mother of one of my former students.  I generally deliver
them and get to see the reaction of the kids. They love them. It's
a fun way to end the year.



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