Architectural Styles - Project Research (2 of 4)


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By now students should have turned in their signed contract and
be ready to move forward on this project. Students who have turned
in their contract will receive 10 Class Participation points for
doing so.  Students who have not turned in their contract are
reminded that they have forfeited their 10 points but must till
turn in the signed contract if they would like their
project graded.

Students will research different styles of architecture that
exist in the United States.  Research will include a variety
of media including the internet, books, magazines. newspapers, etc.
There will be bonus points for styles found that were not supplied
on Styles.doc from the previous lesson.

Students will be divided into teams and assigned a time period
to research.  Each team will appoint a Team Captain or have
one appointed.  Teams are given five class
periods for research and development of presentations. 
Team Captain will compile final presentation and submit to


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