General Shop Safety Test


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Created By: Matt Joiner

This is a comprehensive safety test for general metal shop
safety containing many major areas of the metals laboratory. This
test was designed for both beginning, intermediate and advanced
students. I administer the test differently to each level to
achieve the desired learning outcomes.

Beginning Students-The test is comprehensive and covers a
wide variety of lab policies, tools, welding process and related
machine safety. For these students, I break the test into 6 or 7
parts and give the test at the end of each unit  (approx 1-2
weeks per unit). We then do test corrections for that area before
moving to the next until all sections of the test are complete.

Intermediate and Advanced Students- I use this general
knowledge test in the first few weeks of the school year, just
prior to starting any lab work. The students tend to "forget"
certain important infomation over the summer, so this test is used
as a review tool to bring their knowledge level back to what is
needed to work in the lab safely with the equipment. Although some
information might seem new to them (because it has been many months
since they had taken this test as a beginning student), most of the
info is a review from the previous year of welding. Students are
comfortable with this because of the prior knowledge they have with
the test content. I give the entire test in one period, then do the
test corrections. The students tend to do fairly well with the
test; I make sure to model/demo/address any areas of concern I see
with any students not "remembering" any areas of the test.


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