Freehand Sketching


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This unit on freehand sketching is perhaps one of the most
important skill the students will learn in this class.  It is
a valuable skills in both technical and non technical work. 
In this one day lesson, through a series of exercises, the students
will  be introduced to the basic skills for sketching
horizontal,  vertical, and inclined lines.  During this
lesson the students will also learn to sketch squares, rectangles,
and angles. 

In additional lessons related to technical sketching circles,
arcs, ellipses, and the geometric shapes will be covered. 

Practice in the application of sketching to elementary single
view drawings will be part of a five (5) hour lab activity to
complete the initial exposure to the unit on sketching. 

Sketching however should be an ongoing activity throughout the
course and is an excellent activity for homework assignments. 
Sketching the tentative solution of multi-view problems will add to
the skills of the students


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