Children’s Power Play! School Idea and Resource Kit


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The resource includes activities that promote consumption of fruits and vegetables . The activities are easy to follow and require only 15 minutes of prep time (average). There are separate curriculum for fourth-graders and for fifth-graders. increasing physical activity and

What’s inside: A teacher resource guide, reproducible handouts, suggestions for hands-on activity, background information, and handouts for students to take home and complete. Activities are formatted in a Ready, Set, Go format.

Activity highlight: In “Power of Advertising.” Students learn about the power of advertising and create their own advertisements to increase a friend’s consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Nutrition Competencies by grade:
Grade 4: 1a, (1b-c), (1f-g), (2),3-6, (7),8
Grade 5: 1b,(1d), (1f), 1g, 2-8

Language: English with additional Spanish handouts

Number of lesson plans: 10
Amount of time per lesson: 50 minutes
Estimated total time for lessons: 6.3 hours

Format: Downloadable PDF
Cost: Free; qualifying schools can obtain promotional items

Cafeteria connection: Yes
After School: Yes

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    Grade: 4 to 5

    Topics: Physical Education, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Health & Physical Education, Health Education

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