Children’s Power Play! Community Youth Organization Idea and Resource Kit


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The resource focuses on increasing physical activity and consumption of fruits and vegetables. Students learn the correct amount of fruits and vegetables to consume as well as the appropriate amount of physically active every day. This kit contains lessons targeted for grades. Activities are intended for after-school programs and diverse age groups; older students are encouraged to assist younger children with complex concepts as needed. Activities integrate physical activity into learning exercises. Little preparation time is necessary for each activity.

What’s inside: A teacher resource guide, reproducible handouts, suggestions for hands-on activities, background information, extension ideas, and bringing it home suggestions, as well as handouts for students. The activity use a Ready, Set, Go format.

Activity highlight: In Activity 11, “Grow Your Own,” students learn how to grow and care for vegetables and plant their own vegetables by planting seeds or seedlings. Children discuss their experience gardening. Information is shared about the kind of plant they will be growing along with a planting demonstration. Each child is given supplies and plants his or her own. The activity ends with a discussion about how to care for the plants and includes extension ideas.

Nutrition Competencies by Grade:
Grade 4: (1b-c), (1f-g), 2,4,6,8
Grade 5: (1g), 2,4,8
(x)=partial addressing of the competency

Language: English with additional Spanish handouts
Number of lesson plans: 20
Amount of time per lesson: 30 minutes
Estimated total time for lessons: 10 hours

Format: Free downloadable PDF; qualifying schools can obtain a free printed copy and promotional items

Cafeteria connection: No
After School: Yes

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    Grade: 4 to 5

    Topics: Physical Activity, Health Education, Health & Physical Education, Nutrition

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