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This curriculum focuses on behavior themes that help students to eat, move and enjoy a healthy balance. Lesson plans are divided into three sections: Breakfast GO Power, Meal Appeal, and Snack Attach. Each section has a series of 10 brief, sequential lesson plans. Lesson Plans include the activities, food skills and reproducible pages. The activities require about 15 minutes of preparation time. The curricula integrates core subjects such as math, language arts, and science. The curricula meets the identified outcomes in the Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool, developed by the Centers for Disease Control.

What's inside? An introduction (teacher's resource guide, handouts, suggestions for hands-on activities, background information); classroom curriculum content (talking points, questions and answers, list of needed materials, hands-on activiites to reinforce disucssion, move and learn activities, student assessment by grade level, student worksheets); School Nutrition Services section for coordination with the cafeteria and families; Physical Education section; and Appendix (three nutrition education event guides and a set of 156 food picture cards.

Activity Highlight: In Meal Appeal, Lesson 7 (Smart Servings) studetns learn how to choose healthy foods and beverages when eating out and how to politely refuse less-nutritious foods, as well as about how TV ads influence choices. Students discuss their food choices and consider how food related words in TV ads and restaurants influence them. Students hop or do a physical activity for as long as it would take to expend the energy from a teaspoon of sugar.

Nutrition Competencies by Grade Level:
Kindergarten: 1a-d, f-g, 2-5, 7-8
Grades 1-2: 1a-d, f-g, 2-5, 7-8
Grades 3-5: not reviewed
Language: English
Number of Lesson Plans: 30 (10 per section; 3 sections total)
Amount of time per lesson: 15-25 minutes
Total time for lessons: 9-12 hours

Format: hard copy inside binder, sample lessons downloadable in PDF
Cost: available for purchase
Cafeteria connection: Yes
After School: Yes Less

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    Grade: TK/K to 2

    Topics: Nutrition, Health Education, Health & Physical Education

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