Flower Powder


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In this outdoor activity, learners use artificial bees and paper models of flowers to find out how bees transfer pollen from one flower to another. Background information discusses bees and other pollinators such as hummingbirds and butterflies, and describes the way bees move pollen around. Learners use pollen boards to pick up pollen from real flowers, make paper flowers to learn how real flowers are structured, use model flowers and artificial bees to act out bees visiting flowers for pollen, and use artificial bees to collect real pollen. Learners are asked to consider other kinds of pollination (wind, water or larger animals) and the impact on pollination when bees are killed with insect poison. Less

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    Grade: TK/K to 9

    Topics: Earth & Space Science, Structure and Function in Living Things, Classification, Earth's Resources, Ecology & Ecosystems, Agriculture & Natural Resources, Evolution and Adaptation, Life Sciences

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