"Leap, plashless": Emily Dickinson and Poetic Imagination


  • Jul 22 2010 2:03 PM

    Susanne Melton


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In this lesson, from EDSITEment, students read and explore one of Emily Dickinson's nature poems, "A Bird came down the Walk--" through interaction with other art forms. First, they listen to clips of a hymn to help them hear Dickinson's meter. Then, they view 19th-century bird images and describe what they see, just as a poet would. They observe how a poet plays with language and imagery to create a scene by acting out verse lines. Finally, they write a brief poem of their own, using what they have learned and their own observations. Less

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    Grade: 3 to 5

    Topics: Writing Strategies, Life Sciences, English-Language Arts, Science, Visual Arts, Literature