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Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Numbers


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This lesson is designed to reinforce skills associated with multiplying fractions and mixed numbers and allow students to visualize the effects of multiplying by a fraction or mixed number. Students review the concepts of fractions and mixed numbers and how to multiply them, and use an interactive applet to visualize what happens to a whole number when it is multiplied by a fraction or mixed number. Students then answer questions from the Multiplying Fractions Worksheet to encourage them to look closely at the patterns created. As independent practice, students complete the Multiplying Mixed Numbers Worksheet. A teacher/student discussion outline and instructions for leading guided practice are included. Less

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    Grade: TK/K to 9

    Topics: Parts of a Whole (Fractions, Decimals & Percent), Multiplication & Division, Number Sense

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    • Teacher Materials
    • Interactives

    Tool for: Students, Teachers