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Linear Equations


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This unit is a full lesson on linear equations with many problems for students and notes to teachers embedded. It begins with a question which illustrates the eight points students most often do not understand in order to answer it correctly. The unit is divided into ten sections: Characteristics of Linear Equations, Tables of Values for Graphing, Using Intercepts for Graphing, Using Slope-Intercept Form with Graphs, Families of Linear Equations, Graphing Linear vs. Non-Linear Equations, Creating, Graphing and Using Linear Equations, Simple System of Equations, What Went Wrong? (in which students observe how another student incorrectly answered a question), and Exploring with a Graphing Calculator. This is an excellent unit, used whole or in its parts, for students beginning with linear equations. Less

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    Grade: 6 to 12

    Topics: Equations and Inequalities, Algebra & Functions, Coordinate Systems & Graphing

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    • Teacher Materials

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