Webinar: Using Universal Design for Learning Strategies to Meet the Needs of all students

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One universal truth in our world is that teachers are superheroes
that save the day in their classrooms everyday by creating engaging
lessons that address the Common Core and CTE standards. As they
deliver these engaging lessons, one tool that will help enhance
their superhero utility belt is Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
Strategies. UDL is a research-based educational strategy that finds
its roots in architectural design principles centered on building
long lasting structures. Whether it's a building or lesson plan,
having a strong foundation. During this session, participants will:
- Enhance your teaching style with UDL strategies - Improve
engagement in your classroom - Embed literacy lessons throughout
the CTE curriculum - Utilize technology to help you in the
classroom - Empower teachers with a toolbox of resources to help
you in classroom - Increase the Depth of Knowledge (DOK) levels of
your lesson - Assist with teaching Common Core and CTE Standards

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