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      • Thumb image for Coral ReefsResource Type: Website / HyperLink

        Coral Reefs

        Grades: PS/Pre-K to 12
        Subjects: Weather, Climate & Atmosphere, Classification, Science, Agriculture & Natural Resources and 16 additional..
        Scientists are studying coral reefs around the world to discover the impact that warmer temperatures and increased carbon dioxid...
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      • Thumb image for The Power of pH: Changing Ocean ChemistryResource Type: Document

        The Power of pH: Changing Ocean Chemistry

        Grades: 9 to 12
        Subjects: No subjects selected.
        What is pH and how does carbon dioxide released from the burning of fossil fuels increase the acidity of the ocean? Students fin...
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      • Thumb image for Acidic SeasResource Type: Website / HyperLink

        Acidic Seas

        Grades: 6, 8 to 12
        Subjects: Earth & Space Science, Life Sciences, Chemistry
        For years, our oceans have been hard at work absorbing the carbon dioxide that humans create through burning fossil fuels. But a...
        Contributor: KQED
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      • Thumb image for Stant Ocean Hall Sights and SoundsResource Type: Website / HyperLink

        Stant Ocean Hall Sights and Sounds

        Grades: No grades selected.
        Subjects: Life Sciences, Ecology & Ecosystems
        This webpage shares video clips, podcasts, and slideshows telling the stories of ocean diversity, ecosystems, scientific researc...
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