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    • Thumb image for Penny JarResource Type: Website / HyperLink

      Penny Jar

      Grades: TK/K to 6
      Subjects: Number Sense, Addition & Subtraction, Professional Development, Mathematics and 5 additional..
      In this activity children save for a charitable donation or classroom project by collecting pennies in a jar. Students are asked...
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    • Thumb image for Jump on TensResource Type: Website / HyperLink

      Jump on Tens

      Grades: TK/K to 9
      Subjects: Number Sense, Multiplication & Division, Sports and Competition, Factoring and 11 additional..
      Learners combine counting, multiples, and number patterns with jumping up and down. To start, pick a counting number. Young lear...
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    • Thumb image for How Many in a MinuteResource Type: Website / HyperLink

      How Many in a Minute

      Grades: TK/K to 9
      Subjects: Rates and Proportions, Number Sense, Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability, Sports and Competition and 17 additional..
      In this activity, learners will keep track of how much they can do in one minute. Instructors can pick something everyone will d...
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    • Thumb image for EstimateResource Type: Website / HyperLink


      Grades: PS/Pre-K to 12
      Subjects: Number Sense, Positive & Negative Numbers, Mathematics, Counting & Place Values and 2 additional..
      This interactive applet helps develop number sense. The user mentally estimates a number that is represented by an arrow on a nu...
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