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    • Thumb image for Decimals, Fractions & PercentagesResource Type: Website / HyperLink

      Decimals, Fractions & Percentages

      Grades: 3 to 5
      Subjects: Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability, Mathematics, Probability
      The resource, from the San Diego State University College of Education Web site, features two card games designed to reinforce s...
      Contributor: Thinkfinity
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    • Thumb image for ConcentrationResource Type: Website / HyperLink


      Grades: PS/Pre-K to 5
      Subjects: Mathematics, Number Sense
      This student interactive from Illuminations allows students to play the classic game of Concentration by themselves or against a...
      Contributor: Thinkfinity
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    • Thumb image for Gross PayResource Type: Website / HyperLink

      Gross Pay

      Grades: No grades selected.
      Subjects: No subjects selected.
      Learn how gross pay is calculated from time cards. Students will learn how to calculate regular pay and overtime pay at time-a...
      Contributor: CTE Online
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