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      • Thumb image for Light in the Deep SeaResource Type: Document

        Light in the Deep Sea

        Grades: 6 to 12
        Subjects: No subjects selected.
        Students use blue film glasses to observe camouflage strategies of deep sea organisms and explore the properties of light in water.
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      • Thumb image for Seahorse HomesResource Type: Document

        Seahorse Homes

        Grades: 1 to 5
        Subjects: No subjects selected.
        What is a seahorse? Where does it live? Students learn about seahorse adaptations then match photos of seahorses to their correc...
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      • Thumb image for Disappearing FishResource Type: Document

        Disappearing Fish

        Grades: 1 to 2
        Subjects: No subjects selected.
        How do fish protect themselves in the ocean? One adaptation is camouflage. Students make a paper fish and 'camouflage' it into a...
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